Community Testimonials


Oxfam Australia

I have just received a copy of the evaluation and wanted to commend you on an amazing piece of social research. Your coverage of the issues and the parties involved is impressive.
(Dr. Deanna Kemp, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, University of Queensland)

ACCESS ministries

ACCESS ministries is happy to commend the work of Social Compass who undertook to help us in surveying the effectiveness of Chaplaincy in Victorian Government schools. Social Compassscope for the work was set in consultation with ACCESS ministries and they undertook all due diligence to ensure that appropriate and necessary research methodology was adhered to. Social Compass was efficient and timely in their preparation, implementation and delivery of our requested service. We were delighted that the findings of the research provided by Social Compass gave clear indication of the appreciation and effectiveness of ACCESS ministries chaplaincy services to students, parents, teachers and Principals.

This research has been invaluable to us in promoting the benefits of Chaplaincy in Victoria. We have distributed the Social Compass report to Ministers of Parliament, both State and Federal, as well as to our key stakeholders. The report has been well received for its scope, findings and presentation which is clear and concise.
(Evonne Paddison, CEO)


We knew what we wanted to find out, but we didn’t know how or what questions to ask, or how to interpret the results. Social Compass came to the rescue and designed an evaluation framework that works and will continue to be utilised in the future. The results have been outstanding and to top that off, Social Compass gave us a greatly reduced rate because they believed in the project, its social impact and respected the fact that we are not for profit.
(Lisa Kingman, National Coordinator, Timehelp)

Melbourne Cares

Working with Social Compass has been a really great experience. The input into our organization has been both beneficial and enjoyable. The Melbourne Cares Impact Evaluation Framework is both innovative and meaningful in that the indicators developed by Social Compass will allow us to measure our performance and the tangible and intangible benefits to our supporters, to our community partners and to the communities they represent.
(Simon J Robinson, CEO, Melbourne Cares)

Oxfam International

I was initially concerned at the apparent lack of economics expertise in Social Compass but the fears proved groundless. Social Compass is pleasant and business like. [They] keep in touch and explain what is happening.

Goldfields Local Learning and Employment Network

In August 2012 Social Compass was appointed as the successful consultant, for the Bendigo LGA Youth Partnerships Project. Seven educational settings, services and programs identified across the Bendigo LGA that adopted service integration or provided flexible learning options for vulnerable youth in the 10 15 age range were included in the Review.

Social Compass established relationships with key stakeholders from the seven settings, building trust and eliciting honest and reflective professional critique through individual personal visits to each setting and during workshops with all participating settings. Social Compass staffs interpersonal competencies, combined with technical and educational expertise has resulted in an honest and jointly owned Final Report. The seven educational settings, services and programs were able to agree on significant improvements to support a more integrated and sustainable service system for vulnerable youth. Social Compassexperience with literature reviews ensured best practice models provided a platform of support and reference for stakeholders to consider.
(Anne Brosnan Chief Executive Officer)


We have found in our experience with the companies and organisations we have partnered with, usually you can tell fairly straight off, which ones are really going to click and that was the case with Social Compass.
(Ian Trust, Chairman Wunan)

Westside Circus

Thanks for all of your support on Once Upon A Circus. I have loved working with you and have learnt some wonderful tools around evaluation and really appreciate the hard work it takes but also the benefits of it. It has been a really rewarding program and I’m really happy with the outcomes we achieved. We recently submitted a grant to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to continue our circus program in the City of Brimbank. Luckily we were successful.
(Renee Dudfield Program Manager)