Team Profiles

Dr Michael Tynan

Dr Michael Tynan is the Director of Social Compass where he leads and manages research and evaluation projects across the government, business and community sectors. Michael has over 25 years of experience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs. Working at both local and national levels he has led and fostered collaborations that develop frameworks, processes and approaches to make meaningful change in the lives of communities with particular concern for addressing inequalities. This includes the Aboriginal communities of the Kaiela Dungala (Goulburn Murray) and Hume Regions of Victoria where he worked for over 15 years including as CEO of the Kaiela Planning Council (now the Kaiela Institute) and as an academic at the University of Melbourne Rural Health Academic Centre undertaking community based action research, teaching cultural safety, and organising student placements in Aboriginal health.

Nationally Michael has worked for the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO), the Commonwealth Department of Health, and the Lowitja Institute developing policy and research programs in collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

Michael’s community based action research has been particularly focussed on the social determinants of health and include articles on contemporary racism and its relationship to Australian identity, the challenges for government frameworks to effectively engage with community led governance initiatives, Aboriginal perspectives on health and wellbeing, and cultural competence of health and sporting organisations.

Dr Elizabeth Gralton

Elizabeth’s background is in archival and secondary research, qualitative analysis and writing. Elizabeth has taught history/art history at the University of Western Australia, the University of Melbourne, and Edith Cowan University. She has worked with a wide diversity of students, including a large number of international students for whom English is not a first language. She has taught English to high school students in South Korea, and participated in the AMEP volunteer home tutor program.

She has provided editing services to academics from UWA, Melbourne University and Monash University working on projects ranging from monographs, theses, journal articles and websites. She has worked on editorial teams for issues of the Journal of Urban History, Australasian Urban History/Planning History Conference Proceedings and Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies. Her own writing has appeared in the Journal of European Studiesand French History and Civilization, The Australian, and the websites of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery and the State Library of Western Australia.

Dr Julie McCredden

Julie has a PhD in psychology and has worked for government and non-government organisations, for over a decade helping to design intervention programs and to evaluate their effectiveness. Julie’s main focus for research has been within the education sector where she has worked in multicultural teams in schools, designing and coordinating new programs, and investigating issues for students and families using mixed methods.  She has also worked in higher education, a change agent and as a researcher, investigating new pedagogical practices. She is currently completing a Masters of Counselling.

Julie has had extensive experience with creating and administering surveys to collect objective data and in conducting focus groups and interviews to collect subjective data. Julie is confident with analysing both parametric and non-parametric quantitative data, using simple to high level analysis; i.e.  pivot charts to multivariate analysis and regression. Julie combines her experience within communities with her analytical skills to add insight to data analysis, relating it back to the main questions and stakeholder interests, and using graphics to give integrated overviews of the results.

Ryan Kennedy
Research Assistant

Ryan provides administrative and research support at Social Compass. He has expertise in qualitative data collection including interviews, focus groups, surveys and ethnographic methods. He is also adept at literature review, report writing and editing. Ryan is currently studying a Master of Public Policy and Management at the University of Melbourne and is primarily interested in the policy areas of social services and education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Anthropology. Utilising participant observation, his honours thesis explored masculinity and morality in a church-based soccer league. Prior to joining Social Compass, Ryan developed strong communication and stakeholder engagements skills through 8 years of experience in retail and hospitality.

Social Compass Associates

Dr Melanie Kan

Melanie has a PhD in Management from Victoria University, Wellington and has a varied background in consulting and research, across universities, public and private sector, and NGOs in healthcare settings, employment services networks, and child protection.

During her 10 years consulting, Melanie worked with an array of private and public sector workers and their organisations, dealing with job loss and redeployment with the career development and executive coaching organisation, Audrey Page and Associates. Melanie worked as a Senior Consultant, Executive Coach, and as the Head of Innovation and Learning, developing and implementing evidence-based wellbeing and career development programs to support individuals through job loss, and career changes. She conceptualised and led the development and national roll out of significant new career development programs including those specialising in equity and diversity issues for older workers, parents with children, and led a consulting project investigating the turnover of women executives.

Melanie’s earlier published research work was focused in the public health sector in New Zealand and investigated nurse leaders, midwifes and medical practitioners as they negotiated organisational change and national legislative changes. Her more recent research in Australia includes work with a nationwide not-for-profit employment network and child protection services that include metro, regional and remote or rural locations.  This research has provided organisational insights into network collaboration and worker resilience respectively. Melanie uses her consulting and coaching background, coupled with her research experience to facilitate and design research projects that serve the dual purpose of providing organisational insights and generating evidence based research.

Panel of Contractors

Social Compass also has a panel of sub-contractor experts and Associates with whom it collaborates on some of its projects. If you are interested in being a part of this panel, please Contact Us.